Shutter Hub YEARBOOK AWARDS 2024

The YEARBOOK Awards are back for 2024, with prizes from major industry organisations Alamy, Metro Imaging, Newspaper Club, and Shutter Hub Editions, accompanied by an online exhibition.

YEARBOOK is our annual awards for photographers, open to all, whatever stage they are at in their career. The Awards and exhibition are promoted to people working within the creative industries and to those who commission photography. We reach out to editors and publishers to share work with them and introduce them to photographers they may not yet know about.

YEARBOOK has no theme, it’s all about sharing your best work, and promoting the future of photography. We’re asking for entries from all photographers, no matter your background or education. Enter images that stand alone to represent your style, skills and the work you’d like to do more of.

To find out more and to apply please go to the direct link.