a-n Artist Bursaries 2018

As part of our commitment to supporting artists, we are offering 65+ bursaries of between £500-£1,000 for self-directed professional development.

Who can apply: a-n Artist members, Joint (Artist and Arts Organiser) members.
What: 65+ bursaries between £500 – £1,000.
When: Activity taking place between 1 April – 31 December 2018.
Deadline for applications: 3pm, Monday 12 February 2018.


a-n is offering 65+ bursaries of £500 – £1,000 to Artist members wishing to undertake a self-determined schedule of professional development in 2018. We know that targeted funding at the right time in an artist’s career can make all the difference – so why not put together a plan to make things happen for you in 2018?

a-n Artist Bursaries provide money for artists to develop their practice by establishing self-determined professional development activity that responds to their unique needs. Now in its sixth year, the bursaries programme has previously enabled artists to learn new skills, undertake mentoring, curatorial critique, travel within or outside of the UK to research, attend conferences, build networks or collaboration, or a combination of these things. a-n encourages innovative and ambitious thinking focused around what would make the most significant difference for you.

In 2017 Professional Development and Travel bursaries were awarded to 67 artists including: Jack Welsh, Lucy Harvey, Laurence Payot, Tabitha Moses, Susan Stockwell, Madi Boyd, Sarah Farmer, Leonie Stanton, Deniol Williams and Lauren Curl. Bursary outcomes included research into environmentally responsible screen printing in Mexico, learning self-publishing and book-binding skills, work in collaboration with Cambridge University neuroscientists, artist-to-artist mentoring, working with professional photographers to learn how to document artwork, mid-career mentoring with curators and establishing an artist-parent support network.

Since 2013 a-n has awarded over £275,000 to over 330 artist members through these bursaries.

The selection panel is Hannah Pierce, External Programme and Partnerships Manager, a-n; Gillian Nicol, Director of Digital and Online Content, a-n; Glen Stoker, artist and member of a-n’s AIR Council, and Lucy Day, Independent Curator.