Angkor Photo Workshops: Professional Photography Workshops for Asian Photographers

Angkor Photo are pleased to announce that the Angkor Photo Workshops is back and open for applications.

Their annual tuition-free workshop returns from 6 – 15 January 2023 with a redesigned format to bring you closer to their original mission – to strengthen and nurture each individual participant’s unique vision and autonomous approach to their practice.

They remain open to all Asian nationalities, with no age limit. They welcome all forms of lens-based storytelling, including the use of video, moving images and mixed media.

For their 18th Edition, a group of 15 selected participants will be collectively led by three tutors as well as alumni facilitators. Participants will be expected to submit a project idea as part of their application. This can be a new body of work, or a continuation of an ongoing project.

Like all of the previous editions, the workshops aim to provide participants with the opportunity to intensely examine their pre-existing approach to their craft, their personal motivations and sense of identities, and how their work can engage with the realities that confront them.

Participants will have the opportunity to share either a completed project or a section of their work at the end of the workshops as part of the festival’s programme.

For more information please follow the direct link.