BETA: ‘In The Artists Studio’

Starting the New Year 2016 with a dynamic programme of contemporary art exhibitions we are looking for some of the finest artists based in UK, to participate and exhibit their idiosyncratic practices in a prime gallery in the heart of Shoreditch in East London. All artists must response to the Exhibition Theme BETA: ‘In The Artists Studio’.

C.M.Projects is pleased to present ‘BETA-In The Artists’ Studio’ an ambitious multidisciplinary exhibition featuring emerging and mid-career artists based in the UK. Curator Christina Mitrentse invites artists to respond to the concept of BETA and to look at relevant aesthetic forms within their practice. Redeploying the term Beta -the second letter of the Greek alphabet transliterated as ‘b’, (in computing the Beta version is the last version before wide release) – It is applied here in a new context i.e that of an ‘Art Laboratory ‘: a metaphor for conceptual, material and art data testing, preview release or a ‘’memo that the unrealized proposal or project, which did not gain critical attention, might yet occur in a new context or form and the artists can face contingency without anxiety since the lost enables us to better value what we do possess’’ according to critic Michael Hampton.

BETA could easily be perceived as a visual essay on the artists’ studio. This one-week event is also an educational symposium – including daily workshops with seven invited speakers/art professionals ,open to all.

‘BETA’ aims to promote a dialogue amongst many disciplines including artworks constructed from the following media: raw materials and data from processes carried out in the artists’ studio, works-in-progress, not yet realized proposals, art stock, primer ideas and proposals for artworks in the pipeline, models, unsuccessful 2D and/or 3D artworks, unfinished artworks, series of objects, series of sketches, sketchbooks, micro-drawings, series of props, series of photos, series of digital prints, false screen prints, book works, self-published books/magazines/zines, stacks of old paintings, piles of old or new drawings, installation parts, (new technologies), digital data, memory sticks, i-phones, i-pads, external hard drives, unfinished video sort films/ raw video files, raw sound tracks, experimental sound, experimental performance ideas, textual based works/printed matter, ready-mades etc.(Artists will need to resource equipment if submitting works in i-phones, i-pads, or computers, projectors, -we offer screening room)

The primary arbiter of this project is the curator’s sensibility, which permeates all of the chosen works. The exhibition format is approached as a work in and of itself, with all of the included pieces echoing various idiosyncratic methods, techniques and mediums. This is demonstrated by the objects’/ concepts unexpected relationship to one another. The viewer’s sightlines are taken into consideration more than in most group exhibitions—every position, angle, and vantage point is transformed into a vista designed to make a singular installation from multiple works by a plurality of artists. As with relational aesthetics, this is originality in overdrive—an exhibition that revels in cacophony. ‘BETA’ will guide the public along a tightrope between the familiar and the divergent.

Artists submitting works will benefit from:
Presenting a series of pieces ( 5 to 10 pieces)
C.M projects will organise & curate a highly professional exhibition. We will be holding a big opening reception/ party on the 18th February and subsequent all day workshops with participants in conversation with art critics.
Full installation and de-installation of the artworks by 2 specialist technicians.
Full invigilation will be also provided. (Opening hours of the gallery 11 am to 8pm)
Exhibition design and consultation of pricing of all works displayed.
Written press releases and invite emailed to an extensive mailing list, of over six thousand, which includes collectors, Press, and general art going public. Printed invitations posted to gallery specialists, curators, collectors and art audiences.

How to Submit – Please read below carefully:
1. Please e-mail a series of jpegs of studio shots, ideas and works you would like to present based on the above theme. Include NAME / MEDIUM/ SIZE /DATE / PRICE. Send links to your website/ blog, short artist statement (concepts) and short biography. Please send your submission in one email to:
2. Deadline for submissions: 25 December 2015
3. If successful all Artists will be notified by 28th December 2015 with details about the exhibition.
4. Artworks must be delivered on 14 February 2016 at 7pm.
5. If selected ,artists may be asked after the deadline to contribute towards gallery costs, promotion, marketing, installation costs – one time payment of £30. There is a possibility that the exhibition will receive Arts Council funding, if this is the case artists will be notified in advance.

We look forward to receiving your submission and working together in this exciting new project!!