Brixton A Common Narrative

A Common Narrative proposes to participants from any kind of creative field, to work collaboratively on the context of Brixton toward one unique visual publication.

On the basis of their personal interests and past projects on the neighborhood, they will be invited to bring their own vision and authorship to articulate together one narration. In this process, they will deepen their personal point of view while re-contextualising their work within a group and in relation to the reality of Brixton and the format of a publication. The workshop will aim at orches- trating several voices within a collaborative work that will bring together photography, writing, graphic design and book making.

The workshop is open to any type of creative person, from architects to designers, writers to illustra- tors, designers to photographers; aiming at beeing cross-disciplinary and at creating a richer content. Participants will be invited to bring their own existing projects related to Brixton, but they will also be able to research imagery on Internet and to create new ones over the 3 days.

In the process, they will learn about narration, image production, editing, sequencing and laying- out, as well as looking critically at images.

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