Call for 6TH Ghetto Biennale 2019 The Haitian Revolution and Beyond

The Haitian Revolution, possibly one of the most important and overlooked, revolutions of the world appears to have been written out of Western history.

The Gheeto Biennale welcome projects that both memorialise, and challenge the memorialization of, the Haitian Revolution. The aim is to look for alternate narratives to the Slaves Revolt. Complex readings of the leaders as well as alternate histories from non-binary, queer, surreal and magic versions of the slaves revolt are welcome.

The Ghetto Biennale is looking for historically reflective, contemporarily comparative and future speculative projects which use the Haitian Slaves Revolt as a starting point.

The 6th Ghetto Biennale 2019 will take place from the 29th November until the 20th December 2019. All works must be made and exhibited in Haiti. Artists and curators will be invited to pass, no less than ten days and up to three weeks in Haiti before presenting their work in the neighbourhood.

For more details please follow the direct link.