Call for applications: Nida Doctoral School “Fight the Power 2019/1989: We, the Ungovernable”

Vandalism of work by Banu Cennetoğlu, Liverpool Biennale, 2018. Photo: Joe Anderson. (Screen Shot)

The Nida Doctoral School (NDS) comprises an intensive programme for DA & PhD candidates in visual & performing arts, design, media & the humanities.

Focusing on questions pertinent to their individual research, doctoral candidates will work closely with speakers & tutors from art, design, higher education & the culture sector. Talks, discussion groups, doctoral research presentations (formal, informal, performative, experimental, etc.), peer review, group & individual consultations, dérives & screenings will contribute to developing the candidates’ doctoral projects.

This year’s NDS will be held at Venice Biennale—at the Lithuanian Pavilion, the Research Pavilion & additional environments in Venice.

NDS in 2019 is energized by the 30th anniversary of Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing, and its opening credit sequence soundtrack-ed by Public Enemy. Convinced by the radical potentialities of artistic research, the NDS utilises this 30th anniversary to struggle with the following questions:

What does it mean to do the right thing?

How can we as artists, designers, theorists, curators, educators, archivists, musicians, and critics engage critically with power? Where does power reside? How is it secured, consolidated, and utilised? And to what end? If power is embedded and embodied in systems – finance, education, culture, healthcare, & government – how can we discern, participate critically, and even transform such systems? If such governmentality is the organising practice (mentalities, rationalities, and techniques) through which our society is rendered governable, how might we prove ourselves to be “ungovernable”?

In our own search for justice, how can our artistic research—our labour, communicative bodies, performative acts, conversations, commitment to communities, and to our own practice—declare our resistance & dissent, our agonism & dissensus, thereby enacting our right to speak which, in turn, enables us to not so much fight the power as fight for power, and, in so doing, honour our obligation to do the right thing?

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