The two-day conference will consist of a series of panels that discuss the experience of the workshop but also analyze, from a theoretical perspective, how ways of seeing, representing and reshaping “the real” are conceived by different researchers. This conference will be open to the wider public and it will count with the keynote speech of the filmmaker and anthropologist Catarina Alves Costa. Abstracts for papers, films and visual proposals are welcome on the following themes:

Pushing the boundaries of aesthetics and the human in visual representation

We invite paper and audio-visual contributions, which address these concerns. Papers might consider, but are not limited to, the following:

– Individual expressions of perception, emotion, and identity
– Cultural representations, memories, imaginings, and visions
– Sociospatial encounters and understandings between different people and places
– The politics and ethics of representation in visual research
– The dynamic power relations at play in the construction and dissemination of images

The conference will be held at the University of Manchester and is open to any other UK or international researchers, or students that undertake audio-visual research as part of their PhD.

For more information please visit the direct link.