Carte Blanche Students 2024 Prize at Paris Photo

Standin Tall © Kairo Urovi. From Light Are the Wounds Heavy Is the Wind series by Kairo Urovi, Carte Blanche Students 2023 winner

Paris Photo, Picto Foundation and SNCF Gares & Connexions are pleased to announce the opening of applications for the Carte Blanche Students 2024 Prize. Launched in 2017, this program is dedicated to bachelor’s and master’s students in European schools of photography and fine arts, with the aim of supporting emergence and fostering energy and creativity. For this 8th edition, students are invited to submit their projects and a jury of professionals will select 20 finalists from over 200 European schools. Four finalists will be selected and their projects will be presented during the fair in a special area and in one of the main train stations in Paris, with the support of Hahnemühle and Filmolux.

To find out more and apply please go to the direct link.