Encontros da Imagem: Discovery Award 2021

Never a chosen theme for an edition of Encontros da Imagem has made so much sense, given the current situation the world is going through since the beginning of the decade. “Génesis 2:1” is a continuation of the theme and work started last year. One year after, we and the rest of the world are back in a general confinement as a result of the pandemic due to COVID-19. Chaos and confusion ensued. A collective inability to understand the disorder of things, confronted humanity with increasingly complex and demanding challenges. Contemporary society has long faced enormous challenges of a global nature: from issues related to the planet earth and it’s ecology problems such as loss of biodiversity and global warming and issues regarding the civilisations that inhabit it, which generate so much inequality and moral indifference through politics and religion. What we call progress has coincided with the humanisation of the world, but it may end up being exactly what will dictate its end. The crisis that we are going through is an opportunity to think together and come up with solutions to what needs to be done.

The Board of Directors of Encontros da Imagem invites all lens based artists to apply to the Discovery Awards 2021 under the theme “Génesis 2:1” until the 2nd of May 2021.

More information is on the direct link.