Eve Arnold Estate: Virtual Executive Assistant

Virtual Executive Assistant for the Eve Arnold Estate & Five Element Acupuncture Treatment and Training

£25 / hour with opportunity to increase depending on performance

10 hours / week with the possibility of this increasing in the future

Acupuncture at a discount

Note: this is a contractor role and you must be registered as self-employed or as a company. You also must be able to attend events in London a few times per year.

The role will involve administrative support for two companies:

Eve Arnold Estate

This role will help manage the Eve Arnold Estate and the legacy of her work. This will include liaising with Magnum Photos, art galleries, and other photographers and estates.

FEAT – Five Element Acupuncture Treatment and Training (Imminent rebrand to ICA – Institute of Classical Acupuncture)

The Institute of Classical Acupuncture is an international centre of excellence in the service of patient treatment and practitioner training. Using ancient tenets of Five Element Acupuncture, our medical system is proven to stimulate, restore and maintain wellbeing.

FEAT / ICA was founded by Michael Arnold and Gabriella Doran. They have 18 years’ experience each in Five Element Acupuncture. Michael also holds a degree in Neuroscience and both Gabriella and Michael are experienced teachers of Five Element Acupuncture. ICA is essentially a teaching hospital for Five Element Acupuncture. It consists of an acupuncture school, clinics for graduates and ongoing postgraduate development.

Their aim is to help their patients and students alike to realise their full potential in body, mind and spirit.

The time will be split equally between ICA and the Eve Arnold Estate.

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