Exhibitions + Night of Photography Open Call Verzasca Foto Festival 2021

photo Nathalie Vigini

Matters of Touch

Through touch, we perceive the world, the surface of things. Touching guides us and helps us connect with other human beings and the surrounding elements. Gestures such as caressing, holding hands and hugging generate mutual well-being and make our bodies interact with each other.

Over the past year, the social distances imposed by the pandemic have forced us to convert our interactions into mainly digital form, and the attention and fear of the disease have turned touch, as well as our hands, into something to fear and avoid.

As of today, we still do not know if during the Verzasca Foto Festival 2021 we will once again be able to approach each other, shake hands, or even hug each other out of happiness. What we do know is that all these deprivations make us realise the importance of human contact.

With an edition dedicated to the sense of touch, this year Verzasca Foto Festival 2021 want to show the importance of physical exchange and connection between human beings through the images you have created during your artistic career.

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