Fem Tour Truck – Call for Proposals

Fem Tour Truck is an international and itinerant Feminist video-art festival that begins in February 2016 and continues until today, having become a biennial proposal, but with a constant journey, year after year. An initiative to recover the public space, the squares of the cities and towns, where performances, workshops and videos are screened in the call, which in its first edition received 327 videos and 50 proposals of performing arts.

Who can apply
Creators from any nationality or country, of any sex, ethnicity and ideology over the age of 18.

Proposal characteristics
Each person or organisation can submit a maximum of 2 works created from 2015 on. Every piece has to be subtitled in English. They have to be sent via WeTransfer compressed into a maximum size of 500 MB after fulfilling the registration form. The name of the file must be the name of the participant. El nombre del archivo ha de ser el nombre del participante. The original files will be asked when doing the selection.

The works can last from 1 to 15 minutes, by no means may they exceed the stablished duration.

The storyline must somehow refer to the feminist struggle, the empowerment of women, different points of view from those who have no voice, the curvey aesthetics and practises. Aiming on the one hand to encourage artistic practices that assert the fight for gender equality and that generate critical thinking and on the other to bring different feminisms closer to the general public and to regain the public spaces and generate encounters. The videos need to generate reflection about the system, classic paradigms in society, culture and art by raising questions about our context and by provoking the audience.

Video-action: Action record, performance record, stories-documentaries, activism…
Videoart: animation, experimental videos, conceptual videos, videocreation…
Shorts: Short stories and short documentaries.

There is an award of 1000 $ for each category for the video that best represents the Festival´s ideals. A jury of experts will gather to define which have been the pieces that abest fit into the criteria of creativity, coherence and execution. All the selected artists will receive a participation certificate and will be part of an outreach programme that it carried out after the offical tour throughout different countries where the Fem Tour Truck has collaborators, apart from. The Fem Tour Truck organisation will sign a work cession contract with informative purposes if the artists agree. The videos will also be posted in the Festival´s Vimeo channel in order to spread it among different networks of feminist artists and activists.


Please see direct link for more info.