Femme Fotale’s Volume VI will focus on the subject of Health

If you were to google the definition of Health, the first result quotes “the state of being free from illness or injury.”

What kind of relationship do you have with health? What does health mean to you? What does your health narrative look like?

According to the definition, health is considered to be a positive word with a positive outcome free from sickness. However, people are not free from illness or injuries; humans deal with various types of traumas or ailments that vary from each individual, whether it is a physical manifestation,  emotional stress from a job, or mental health.

We would like to express that this issue is open to discussing all the different ways health can be perceived.

We welcome work that can discuss your relationship to health even if the subject is not you. However, please be mindful of any work submitted that may not center on you as the subject matter. It is important to make sure we are telling others health narratives with their consent. Femme Fotale invites you to submit 3-5 images that tell a narrative of what health means to you.