Festival del Ciclo Mestruale Open Call

Festival del Ciclo Mestruale is a non-profit event created to change the narrative on the menstrual cycle, and recognize it as a fundamental issue for health and gender equality.

For the 3rd edition of Festival the Photography Open Call theme, is  “Corpo a Corpo”. It is open to all photographers (professional and amateur) over 18 years old.

What energy do our bodies release? What happens if multiple bodies in a single space unite or contrast different energies?

It happens that fluxes travel from one gaze to another, hands touches, or bodies embrace each other. But it also happens that the electrical voltage repels them, that their backs move away and everyone’s heads turn the other way.

When bodies meet, they immediately sew threads of distance or closeness between them, invisible only at first sight. The meeting also takes place in solitude, of a body with its space around it: a void that is not empty but made of visions, thoughts, words, emotions, flavors, and smells. Full of energy circles, in a perfect correspondence between external and internal cyclicality. They are circles of energy that run their course inside our bodies writing much of our history, like the voices of a choir or the words of a book.

Whether small or large, whether it feels free or caged. Whether poor or rich, young or old, healthy or infirm, screaming or silent. Of man or woman, neither man nor woman. Imagine the body, imagine it body to body.

To find out more and to apply please go to the direct link.