Hapax Commissions

Hapax is now seeking submissions of interest from artists and curators who would like
to apply for a commission to create a new photographic project or curated section for
publication in this semi-annual magazine.

Hapax Magazine is a new lens-based magazine, being published from Spring 2021,
which will reset the idea of a visual arts magazine: enabling the creation of new images
and ideas while supporting the artists and authors making them, to be enjoyed by
an international audience. It’s a simple proposition: a magazine where everything is
commissioned from scratch, where time and space are given back to photographic
practice and viewing.

Hapax is now commissioning international lens-based artists and curators who are keen to
test new ideas which depart from their previously established creative practice. The result:
a magazine quite distinct from the established model, as the content hasn’t existed before,
and will only be seen in its printed pages. In an age of visual overload and repetition,
Hapax Magazine creates a space to incubate new ideas, share them with an audience,
and also keep them special.

For more information please follow the direct link.