Impact through Extinction Workshop with Eefje Ludwig & Rebecca Simons

Are you a photographer concerned with the topic of ‘Extinction’ in any shape or form, documentary or conceptually? Are you looking to move your work forward and find forms and new channels for distribution? Do you want to get a week of full focus on your work together with like minded peers under guidance and the Greek sun?

Extinction is a situation in which something no longer exists. We talk about extinction of species or plants and worry about our own human extinction. Ideas, behaviour and social constructs can become extinct for better or worse. Extinction can also be seen more broadly as the elimination of anything that previously was.

Transeurope is teaming up with Transformations, PHmuseum, Fotomat

The Workshop is part of Eyes on Nature Workshop Series/Eyes Culture and it will take place in collaboration with Panayotis Lamprou, Art Consultant of Coco-Mat Bikes and TransEurope Co-ordinators.

For more details please follow the direct link.