NO GOGGLES FOR EARTHRISE: Tentacular Dispositions, Delicate Revolutions

OPEN CALL for an online workshop

Deadline for application: 30th December 2020

Centered on various deviant histories, failed utopias, and renegade worlds on the run, the workshop will drift through recent instances in contemporary art that have extracted new articulations of the ‘planetary’ condition.

They will begin with a revision of the famous 1968 image of the blue planet taken by NASA, depicting what is now referred to as the Earthrise. At the time of its public release, the rising and setting of the earth seen from a distant, barren vantage point afforded a new relationality between the infrastructures on the planet and the larger cosmos. Starting with a retroactive look from the 21st century, the workshop will revisit these relations through ideas from Weird fiction, Orientalist art, Counterculture movements, and Intergalactic Communism, amongst other conversations. Participants will be encouraged to recognise and respond to artistic practices that are open to diverse cosmo-technical possibilities, through presentations, screenings, and lectures. The sessions will also focus on text and video content, with regular discussions around each participant’s independent practice/s.

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