Noorderlicht International Photofestival 2018 IN VIVO | The nature of nature

IN VIVO, the 25th Noorderlicht International Photofestival, is about our ambiguous relationship with nature. Museum Bélvédère in Heerenveen becomes the setting for photographic art possessing a confrontational beauty, images inspired by our rich tradition of experiencing nature. IN VIVO will be a modern, threedimensional nature scrapbook with a twist, about how our loving way of experiencing nature is directed by hidden social and cultural constructions.

Noorderlichts aims to raise awareness in its audience about the fact that our natural environment, from intimate back gardens to remote regions, is radically affected, or even created from scratch, by ourselves. IN VIVO challenges and enables the viewer to look in another, probing manner at the living eperiment we call nature.

The Noorderlicht International Photofestival 2018 takes place from 23 June to 23 September. Collaborating with partner organisations, an encompassing multidisciplinary project containing photography, other visual arts, and music is created.

Worldwide open call

We gladly welcome entries for IN VIVO until 15 March. Noorderlicht invites photographers, related artists (video and digital media), and curators to propose projects. Proposals should contain:

A selection of images giving a representative overview of the proposed work. There is not a required number of ima- ges. Single-image installations thus are also possible. Minimum resolution is 1500 pixels (long edge). Entries should contain single-image documents; no PDFs containing multiple images.

A text about the project, accompanied by relevant background information (essays, reviews).

A project synopsis of approximately 100 words.

A succinct CV, including contact details and website.

Recipient’s address: Please send large files via a file-transfer service, such as WeTransfer. There is no entrance fee.

Contributors will receive a confirmation of their entry and later on news about the selection. Please send questions you may have preceding your entry to head curator Wim Melis:

IN VIVO will feature a mix of open call proposals and research by the Noorderlicht curators themselves. Around 40 artists are expected to participate.

For more information visit the direct link.