“On the Question of Exhibition” PARSE Journal

View of Setting the Table curated by Jason E. Bowman, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art 2018. Photo: Kjell Caminha.

Open call: “On the Question of Exhibition”—deadline November 30, 2020

The PARSE summer 2021 issue “On the Question of Exhibition,” edited by Mick Wilson, Jyoti Mistry, Kjell Caminha, and Nick Aikens, will take as its broad agenda an exploration of the nature, role and tendency of exhibition. We are interested in works that seek to apprehend or interrogate different aspects of the exhibition as a broad genre of practice, including:

(1) the competing ontological and epistemological conceptions of exhibition as manifest in contemporary exhibition practice, exhibition studies and exhibition histories; (2) the exhibition as research action, object and site across disciplines; (3) the translations and relays of exhibition within online and algorithmic domains; (4) the interchanges between exhibition and what has been variously termed socially engaged, socially embedded and expanded practices; (5) the question of the political imaginary at work within different constructions and operations of exhibition.

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