Opel Call for African Educators in Photography

Associação Olho-de-gente (AOJE) are looking for an educator to lead an international Artist Residency in Mindelo, Cabo Verde, for a two-week period in May 2017.

This programme is part of the Catchupa Factory – New Photographers initiative and is dedicated to emerging photographers and artists from the PALOP (Portuguese-speaking African countries), interested in developing their artistic practice in photography. The tutor will be responsible for encouraging and guiding participants into the creation of a photography project, as well as presenting theoretical background and give practical orientation on the process of editing and narrative sequencing construction.

·         Teaching experience of 3 years minimum in photography project or similar field;
·         Understanding of photography in Africa and the diaspora;
·         Knowledge of critical discourses around contemporary photography;
·         Experience of image analysis and developing images in a series;
·         Portuguese-speaking educators preferred;
·         Full-time availability during the two-week programme and partial availability beforehand to discuss ideas and exchange information.

AOJE will cover travelling costs and offer accommodation and food, in addition to fees and per diem.

Send detailed CV and cover letter that briefly explains your interest in this position to aoje.cv@gmail.com.For more information contact AOJE at aoje.cv@gmail.com.