Open call Noorderlicht International Photofestival 2020 | Generation Z

Central to the 2020 Noorderlicht International Photography Festival is the mind-set and energy of Generation Z, the youngest generation of world citizens. The way they interact with their dystopian future perspective is a source of varied emotions. A simultaneous cesspool and wishing well, with grand and compelling activism, and simmering developments that often remain under the radar. By tapping into these storylines, Noorderlicht aims to provide insight into this new generation’s reflections on the future and mirrors them against the reflections of previous generations.

In order to sketch a view of the processes that are going on, Noordelicht not only wish to appeal to photographers and artists belonging to Generation Z. In keeping with the spirit of the subject is a collective movement. Everyone is welcome to contribute to addressing and refining the subjects that deserve our attention: all generations, individuals as well as collectives. Noordelicht International Photofestival therefore call upon everyone – even if this is the first time you wish to send something in to an Open Call, or if your practice goes beyond photography – to push your boundaries literally and figuratively.

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