OPEN CALL: Noorderlicht Photofestival 2017

Nucleus, imagining science

NUCLEUS is the title of the Noorderlicht International Photography Festival 2017. This 24th edition is about science and the representation of it by photographers and artists. The exhibitions revolve around the human urge to want to understand and control the world around us. NUCLEUS (‘the core’) is a bout discovery and progress.

Call for submission

Noorderlicht calls on professional photographers, associated artists and curators to propose existing work in which science plays a central role. This can be about the quest for knowledge or it can be a reflection on the context and the social consequences of this quest. Photographs, videos, and digital media are all possible.

The practice of science can be the actual subject, it can also be work that uses the language of science as artistic inspiration, or a combination of both approaches.

NUCLEUS will take place from 22st October – 22nd November in Groningen.