OPEN CALL: Show OFF Krakow Photomonth

Show OFF Krakow Photomonth

Our tenth anniversary programme offers yet another exciting opportunity to highlight photographers for whom an exhibition within ShowOFF Section has the potential to similarly kickstart a vibrant career.

ShowOFF is the section of Kraków Photomonth devoted to up-and-coming photographers and multimedia artists, allowing them to present their debut projects to the diverse, international audience Photomonth draws to the city of Kraków each spring. We invite all artists taking their very first steps on the arts scene to apply. (And it’s worth emphasising, too, that age makes no difference here.)

So who qualifies as a debutant? Artists who, regardless of age, have never had an individual exhibition in a major arts centre, such as a museum, or an art gallery which represents and actively promotes its artists; and who have yet to win any awards at festivals or photography-related events. We seek submissions from photographers, as well as from multimedia artists.

Submissions should be made by first registering at and then paying the 10 euro application fee. The deadline for submitting projects is midnight on 7 January, 2018 (Central European Time; and to be clear, that’s the very end of 7 January). The jury will accept photography and/or multimedia projects, whether considered completed or still in progress. Only one project may be submitted per applicant, and submitted projects cannot exceed twenty photographs. There are otherwise no restrictions in terms of technique or subject matter.

More details on the direct link.