Organ Vida International Photography Festival

The 11th edition of Organ Vida focuses on the materiality of the image. Organ Vida are interested in images that are political primarily in terms of how rather than what they represent. Images that offer a specific form of the intersection of facts and fiction, that are simultaneously explicitly “fake”, “unreal”, “falsified” and “authentic”, but whose authenticity is manifested by showing the tensions and contradictions of contemporary digital culture. Images that aim to expand not the spectrum of the represented, but representation itself. Images that count upon their own commodification, using artistic intervention to semantically complicate and compound and bring to light precisely those processes that had led to its commodification, but without depriving us of fantasy. Images that self-reflect and encourage reflection. Images that unhesitatingly display hesitation.

Organ Vida are interested in innovative photographic forms, but also various visual art projects — videos, installations, performances — that proceed from the photographic image, but at the same time relativize and/or expand it, step out into the space or transform into motion.

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