OVER Journal: Call for articles, works and papers

OVER Journal is a new periodical publication and online platform that proposes to its readers a deep, honest, critical and edifying experience of Photography and  Visual Culture.

OVER Journal is interested in challenging and preventing the repetition of obsolete and flawed structures, as much as highlighting the work of those who are expanding what we still call Photography into new horizons. The journal is a space for reflection on new practices, new voices, new ways of thinking.

Papers and Articles may be critically focused on aspects often overlooked that affect the discipline, zooming out to observe the whole scene, to analyse what exactly is happening, and what power relationships are at play.

We accept submissions by email to info@overjournal.org of papers, proposals for articles and interviews, and submissions of artistic work strictly under the following conditions described below – we will not consider submissions that ignore these simple terms.

Submissions for papers are accepted twice a year, only between 1-28 February and 1-31 August.

Submissions for articles and works are open and ongoing.

More details is on the direct link.