Passage AiR program

For the residencies of the “Passage” AiR program in 2022, the Kultur- und Kunstverein Kemberg eV is looking forward to applications from national and international artists* from the fields of photography and film. The period for the residencies is June 2022. Two places are available, one place will be given to an artist with a child.

Under the theme “Landscape status”, the residences are intended to make it possible to deal with the current state of the landscape, using the example of the Dübener Heide, a nature park in eastern Germany. The following questions can serve as inspiration:

What are the expectations of a landscape? Which ways of perceiving a landscape arise during a temporary stay on site? How important is a landscape as a resource for local recreation, the economy and the climate?

They encourage applications from artists who would like to explore new themes and the Dübener Heide region through a temporary stay and who also want to try out known or new ways of working in a specific location.

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