Perugia Social Photo Festival OPEN CALL

The photography projects selected will be exhibited at the PSPF 2016, to be held in Perugia 11 – 28 March.

The winners will be awarded with a Fuji X-T10 (XC16-50 mm)


We often talk about “blindness” as the inability of seeing through the eyes, yet the act of seeing cannot be reduced exclusively to a simple recording action. “Seeing” also means becoming aware of the reality through a process that goes from the acquisition of an image to its decoding and attribution of a meaning. The inability of seeing involves dramatic and relevant meanings, both at individual and social level. Emotional blindness represents a non-recognition/denial of personal emotions and can later evolve into emotional illiteracy, with serious consequences for the individual. Social blindnessrepresents an extreme form of defense against anything that may upset a state of mental balance; and it could turn into individual or collective actions aimed at filtering and modifying information, resulting in a complete closure to what appears as a threat to the individual, the society and the social and political systems. The challenge is to maintain a clear perspective when the only certainty is determined by the truth, which is what makes us free to accept ourselves and others without a game of projections or idealizations.

This theme is connected with the work already carried out during the previous occasions of the PSPF: Social Photography as a means of exposure and reflection, of redemption of individual and collective identities, of giving voice to “outsiders” and therefore of social inclusion; Therapeutic Photography as a means of reactivation of the perception and of the inner personal stimulus, especially where communicative difficulties arise, which starts a process of self-awareness and self-exploration.

Scheduled Sections:

1 ) Social Photography;
2 ) Therapeutic Photography.

Submissions must be sent not later than February 13th 2016 (23.59 CET – Central European Time).

The official announcement of the winners will take place within the day February 18, 2016 via website, Facebook and the newsletter of the festival.