Photo Contest: Queer Heroes in Focus

Queer Festival Heidelberg 2024 is seeking project submissions on the theme of Queer Heroes in Focus for an open exhibition at the festival taking place in May 2024.

In the vast tapestry of history writing and the abundance of stories, myths, and legends, a remarkable and diverse body of queer heroes has been relegated to the sidelines of prevailing narratives. From the classics to contemporary media, these individuals have played a pivotal role in shaping our stories and inspiring change, yet their narratives often linger in obscurity.

When the concept of a hero is mentioned, it typically conjures a very specific image – one of the athletic, able-bodied, straight, cisgender white man in a costume saving the powerless – a narrative that has dominated historical and cultural perspectives. This exhibition call seeks to challenge and redefine this notion, delving into the myriad of stories of queer heroes. It recognizes that heroism manifests in various forms and sizes.

In the face of adversity, lgbtqia+ communities thrive, consistently finding ways to uplift and take care of one another. We encourage submissions that showcase these utopian possibilities of a world where gender and sexual diversity are celebrated. Our aim is to honor those who not only enhance the visibility of our communities but actively contribute to creating a world where lgbtqia+ individuals feel valued, safe, and supported. This celebration encompasses those whose contributions have made headlines as well as those whose impact is deeply rooted in local or personal spheres.

To find out more and to apply please go to the direct link.