Festival Photo Is:rael invites photographers, designers, artists and creators from all fields which use the language of photography as their tool, to engage in a creative and inspiring 24-hour exploration of various aspects of the “Chaos” theme.

“Chaos” represents opportunity, a way of contending with the uncertainty and ambiguity of a time and a world that is constantly changing.

We invite you to embrace the chaos of our times and think of it as an engine for innovative, independent creation, a path to the re-examination of our basic assumptions and an avenue for creating work which embodies flexibility, inventiveness, ingenuity, and personal and professional development.
“If life is naturally disorganized, wouldn’t developing the skills necessary to deal with its unpredictability be more effective than trying to create order?”
(Inbal Arieli, Serial entrepreneur & tech influencer, Author of Chutzpah).

The works of 20 winners will be featured in a travelling exhibition during 2021. The exhibition will launch at the London Street Photography, followed by Barcu Photography Festival in Bogotá, Colombia with a final stop at the 9th International Photography Festival in Tel-Aviv.

More information is on the direct link.