Photo|Frome: Open Book Award

Books entered will be on display for public perusal at the Frome Library for the duration of the festival.

As part of this year’s festival there will be a free to enter exhibition of photobooks, zines and printed publications. Submissions can be commercially published, unpublished, zines, dummies, or artists books – there are no restrictions in terms of format as long as they fit broadly within the idea of a photobook or a photo-zine.

Photo|Frome is looking forward to showcasing a range of work – local and international, diverse in subject matter, by students and professionals – that demonstrates the possibilities and potential of the photobook format.

Entries will be selected by the PhotoIFrome curatorial team, and will be exhibited at Frome Library throughout the festival in June and July 2023.

The exhibition is open to photobooks concerned with any subject. There will be a cash award for the strongest submission that connects with the festival theme ‘Decolonising Environments’ and an Honourable Mention for diligence and innovation in sustainable photobook production and/or publishing.

To find out more please visit the direct link.