Postcard to the Future

Throughout August, Glynn Vivian Gallery would like to invite you to send a postcard to the Gallery. This could be a drawing, a poem, written postcard, a painting, a collage or you could attach a photograph.

This project will focus on the future; for example, what are your dreams? What changes do you imagine taking place? What challenges do we face? What world might we create together?

Please indicate which side of the postcard you would like to display by adding your name (or initials) and where you are from (or this can be completely anonymous).

There are no age limits, it is open to everyone, so please share widely, they would love to receive these postcards from all over.

The collection of postcards will be exhibited at the Gallery when they reopen. After they have been displayed they will then store these as part of the Gallery’s Collection, to celebrate your artworks and to act as a reminder of this particular moment in time for future generations.

For more details please visit the direct link.