Propositions: Expanded Practices

Propositions: Expanded Practices is the second set of  long-term series of educational programming where practitioners present their ongoing enquiries in the form of intensive and experimental workshops. Functioning as an opening out of the practitioner’s research methodologies, working materials, and conceptual methods, the programmes facilitate dialogue and critique through involved and participatory models. Existing across different durations, with or without defined outcomes, and through regular collaborations, Propositions attempts to chart alternative curriculums, frameworks, and infrastructures for developing arts education and practice.

1) Secrets. Is it possible to have them in the age of street cams, search engines, and smart tech?

2) Consequences. What happens to the creative practitioner in hyper-surveilled environments?

3) Invention/Convention. How does censorship and/or self-censorship affect either in monitored spaces?

4) Finally, Fear. Throughout history, across disciplines, how have artists negotiated their fears?

This is a module that will use these four questions as starting points to have conversations about thinking up, making, and perhaps even discarding work. We will read, listen to, watch, and speak as a collective, to practices that have grappled with variations of these questions with care, vision, and verve. And as we speak together, we will make and share work about the lives of others, and perhaps ourselves, which may hit these registers that we are concerned about.

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