Queer Festival Heidelberg Photo Contest: BODILY AUTONOMIES


Queer Photography from Concrete to Abstract


While the portrait has become one of the dominating means of expressing queerness in photography, many artists have chosen more abstract routes to investigate issues of identity in their work. Especially when imaging the non-binary, abstraction opens up new possibilities for permanently gendered bodies. No matter how concrete the form: there can be queerness stored and found in everything.

Depictions of societies as (mal-)functioning organisms, the individual and the collective bending their bodies of resistance, or pictures leaving the body behind the camera but bringing their issues to the forefront. Let us find immortality together through the analogue, the digital, the concrete, the abstract – the queer photography of 2023, of before, now and after.

Apply now. We would especially like to encourage people experiencing marginalization within our communities to submit their projects. Non-Eurocentric perspectives are very welcome.

For more information please go to the direct link.