Shelter Festival-Laboratory 2019

Are you an artist, activist, educator, musician in the Helsinki area or beyond (Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Baltic Countries, Russia, etc.)? The Suoja/Shelter festival invites participants to propose projects the 2019 Shelter Festival: Cosmopolitics, Comradeship, and the Commons, a three-day convening for all those working at the intersection of deep ecology, climate resilience, environmental philosophy, ecofeminism, and socially engaged practice.

Proposals could take the form of media art, site-specific installations, performance art, and education, and should reflect on the themes of the 2019 Suoja/Shelter Festival (Curatorial statement). We encourage proposals that engage creatively and intersectionally with climate migration, gentrification, and tightening borders; forms of queer ecological activism and coalitions that oppose heteronormative agendas and address displacement, violence, food injustice, among others; mapping the ecology of education, from the point of view of recent theories and practices that propose the decolonization of knowledge, as well as that of land, air, and water.

For more details please follow the direct link.