The NIGHT MOODS exhibition, curated by Shutter Hub member Justin Carey (as part of our Curate for the Community project) was received with such overwhelming positivity that we’ve invited Justin to collaborate with us on the production of a Shutter Hub Editions publication – NIGHT MOODS, the photobook!


We’re looking for 100 images of the night. Whether you’re interested in seemingly mundane street scenes or evocative nocturnal landscapes, prefer a spot of astrophotography, or maybe just enjoy experimenting with light trails, NIGHT MOODS aims to showcase the range of photographic expression available at night.

The night can be an incredibly suggestive time, with the darkness useful for creating mystery or an unnerving atmosphere. Scenes we overlook during the day often take on a fascinating new appearance at night, or you may simply be inspired by the romance of the colours in the sky in the moments just after sunset to create something beautiful.

Following on from the NIGHT MOODS exhibition, this is a new project, welcoming new image submissions, and open to everyone. If you were part of the exhibition we’d really welcome your entries, and if you missed the first opportunity, now’s your chance to get involved and share your images.


Shutter Hub Editions is the publishing house from Shutter Hub – creating a collection of printed publications, featuring themed and solo books, for people who love photography. Our publications are held in many international collections including the British Library, the V&A, and the Portuguese Center of Photography.

The book will be available to buy worldwide, with several stockists across the UK.


We’re supporting this publication ourselves so that we can offer this opportunity at no cost to the photographers unless they wish to make a contribution. All we ask is that you send us your best work. We intend it to be a showcase for the photographers involved. We will promote it heavily across our networks, make it available to purchase in a variety of locations as well as directly from our online shop, and we will create a page on our website to allow people to connect directly with the photographers that are featured in the publication as we did with EVERYDAY DELIGHT and our other publications.


100 images will be selected for inclusion in the book. You can enter single images or a short series of images, up to 6 images can be entered per photographer.

The publication will be perfect bound, portrait orientation 140gsm matte paper at 148 x 210mm with a 350gsm cover. The design, layout and editorial decisions will be at our discretion.