Technical Instructor in Photography Royal College of Art

The Royal College of Art is the UK’s only entirely postgraduate art and design university. In 2018/19 the College will have some 2,300 students registered for MA, MRes, MPhil and PhD degrees and over 450 permanent academic, technical and administrative staff, with more than 1,000 visiting lecturers and professors.

The facilities and technical equipment on offer at the College are amongst the best of their kind in the world, supporting students in their explorations of the creative possibilities of the new and the traditional, and the interplay between them.

As a Technical Instructor in Photography, you will be working alongside other technical and academic colleagues directly engaging with students in a very energetic and creative environment. The successful candidate will be working within the photography lab area and photography studios, and will be responsible for delivering specialist technical demonstrations on an individual and group basis, helping students to realise their projects using a variety of applications, tools and processes. You will also have a pivotal role to play in helping shape this changing area within the College.

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