The Gump Photography Contest 2020

We are all different, but we are all the same.

2020, a year where our world shared an experience of fear, isolation and despair. Empty streets, people hiding at home, loss of community involvement and time with family and friends.

But it was also during this period that we rediscovered love, strength, and most of all, the power of connection.

For the first time, we felt so strongly that just being able to be out there, do life together, collaborate and communicate with one another, gave us purpose.

Online forest bathing became a thing on Airbnb experience. People in China had turned to virtual “cloud clubbing” where DJ sets were livestreamed and instant messages were sent to communicate. We saw in Lebanon, “flying roses” were delivered by drones towards balconies on Mother’s Day. And in Iran, videos of front-line doctors and nurses dancing to upbeat music in hazmat suits went viral.

Connection, whether with people or nature, is why and how we live.

What does this mean to photographers? How can these connections and symbolic moments be reflected through visual storytelling?

The Gump Photography Contest 2020 (“Contest”) is centred on the important topic of “connection”.

Through the Contest,  a space that inspires and unites the Asian photography community will be created, and celebrates outstanding standalone images that we can all relate to in the years to come.

Whether in portrait, landscape, nude, street or any other form of photography, all genres are welcome.

For more information please follow the direct link.