The Ian Parry Scholarship 2020

Image:Jedrzej Nowicki / Ian Parry Scholarship

To enter this year’s Ian Parry Scholarship, you will need to be 24 or younger or enrolled on a full-time recognised photographic course. Your application should contain the following information:

1) Your name, date of birth, permanent address, personal email address, personal telephone number, and if applicable, college, course title and course tutor.

2) A project description giving us details of the portfolio you have uploaded for this application and 12 extended captions

3) A project proposal telling us how winning the Ian Parry Scholarship and $3500, would enable you to continue with the above project or how it would enable you to start a new photographic project.

4) A portfolio of 12 (low resolution) photographs, either a photo essay or individual photos.

5) Extended captions for each image as a word document. Please follow the instructions on our submit form carefully.