The Social Art Award

The world-wide crisis offers a unique opportunity to discuss our understanding of wellbeing – of both humans and all other species on our planet. At The Social Art Award 2021 they believe that humanity can solve complex global problems faced today with openness, inclusiveness, and interdisciplinary collaboration to achieve living in the “New Greening“ world.

The Social Art Award 2021 “New Greening”, launched by the Institute for Art and Innovation, recognizes visionary works from artists (co-)creating positive futures, communicating compelling ideas, concepts, narratives, practices and visions of coexistence. Applications are welcome that focus on this year’s theme “New Greening” providing hopeful prospects towards climate change, resource saving, environmental protection, ecosystem recovery, water conservation, biodiversity, resilient cities etc. as the UN-decade on Ecosystem Restoration has begun.

They believe through art, intangible parts of the joint conversation can be showcased, mutual ideas can be supported, and gain a holistic view of intentions to share. With this year’s Social Art Award they want to serve as an inspiring anchor for future conversations, envisioning an open-minded, regenerative world and sculpting a demanding, truthful commitment to it.

What does art have to say in these urgent times of transformation? How do social artists empower, cherish, and support the transition towards sustainable, green societies that are working on achieving the UN-SDGs? Does art have the power to catalyze change, initiate transformation and enable positive futures? Where does art take place? What forms of art are created? Where do we get inspired and empowered, and appreciate the freedom of art and the spirit of humanity? How can art contribute and embolden the understanding of the “New Greening” on all societal levels?

All artists and cultural actors are invited to apply with work they consider relevant to the field of social art. There are no restrictions based on gender, age, training or nationality.

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