The V&A Parasol Foundation Prize for Women in Photography

In partnership with Peckham 24

The V&A Parasol Foundation Prize for Women in Photography is an exciting new annual initiative dedicated to identifying, supporting, and championing innovative women artists working in the field of contemporary photography.

Successful photographers will be selected by an independent selection panel consisting of global industry professionals and inspiring international artists. Our selectors will identify a shortlist of ten artists, with five selected for a group exhibition at the Peckham 24 photography festival in May 2023. Each shortlisted artist will receive a bursary of £2,000 each and participate in scheduled networking events to support career development.

The V&A Parasol Foundation Prize for Women in Photography is free to enter, open to all women internationally; both professionals and amateurs. The Prize is conceived as part of the V&A’s new Parasol Foundation Women in Photography curatorial programme, which seeks to foreground and sustain women’s practice in contemporary photography and highlight the role women have played throughout the history of the medium. Produced in partnership with Peckham 24, south London’s innovative three-day photography festival, the prize represents a remit shared by all parties to amplify the voices of women, champion diversity and promote equality in the arts. It has been made possible by the support of Ms. Ruth Monicka Parasol and The Parasol Foundation Trust.


Our inaugural theme is Agents of Change.

Change agents are vital to the transformation and evolution of society, technology, politics, economics and our planet. Artists have been at the forefront of representing change since the introduction of photographic processes in the 1800s, reveling in both its scientific and humanitarian capabilities. Photography has often been the tool of choice in documenting protest or acts of resistance; a tool for promoting activism and lobbying for change. As our world continues to be in flux, this theme invites a broad interpretation for submissions that provide a visualisation or conceptualisation of some of our most pressing issues; from technological innovations and sustainability efforts, to social revolutions and political reform.

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