University of Kent £9m Postgraduate Scholarship Fund

includes opportunities in Film, Digital Arts and Fine Art

Extensive range of research programmes and inspiring locations across Europe

If you are looking for funding for postgraduate research Kent has some great opportunities through its academic schools, research centres and specialist centres across Europe including:

  • Vice-Chancellor’s Research Scholarships
  • AHRC Consortium for Humanities and Arts South-East (CHASE)
  • ESRC South-East Doctoral Training Centre
  • NERC EnvEast Doctoral Training Partnership
  • Additional UK Research Councils
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctoral Fellowships in Global and Cultural Criminology
  • Graduate Teaching Assistantships
  • Location-specific awards
  • Scholarships for study abroad and excellence in sport and music

Find out more about Kent’s extensive range of research programmes and inspiring locations across Europe.

Kent, a top 20 research university , provides a vibrant and challenging academic environment informed by an international perspective and collaboration with top-ranked universities around the world. We are nationally recognised for our interdisciplinary community and the contribution it makes to the overall postgraduate experience.

Research funding application deadlines are from early January 2016, details at