Women and Intersectionality: Call for Photographers and Filmmakers

Articulating Women: Interrogating Intersectionality and Empowering Women Through Critical Engagements is pleased to announce a competition for students and early-career photographers and filmmakers in India. Early career entrants will have graduated within the last three years. Up to three projects will be funded, with up to 45,000 rupees allocated for expenses, including an artist’s fee in recognition of the time devoted to completing the project.

This call invites artists interested in creating a body of work around some of the feminist concerns gripping contemporary Indian landscape. It is recognised that the burden of gender equality does not lie with the figure of the woman or with the roles that a woman can acquire, but with the systems that create inequality and oppression. Artistic practices can become a site where the forces that mandate and uphold inequality are exposed and where resistance against structural oppression is articulated. To this end, Articulating Women is sponsoring a competition for a 10-15 minute documentary film or a photo based work on some aspect of “Women and Intersectionality” including thinking both about the various structures of gender inequality and the role women can play in exposing these systems and resisting them. Articulating Women welcomes early career photographers, filmmakers, artists and practitioners to submit a proposal that fits within the theme of the call. The deadline for applications is 30 November 2019. Winners will be contacted by 15 December. Completed projects must be submitted within six months.

For more details please follow the direct link.