Yearbook 2020

Are you a graduate? Self-taught? Graduated a really long time ago? Are you under 30? Over 30? Emerging? Emerged? Not sure what emerging means..?

If you’re a photographer looking for a way to get more eyes on your work, Shutter Hub would like to introduce you to YEARBOOK.

A group show, promoted to people working within the photography industry, with the chance to be selected for a printed publication going out to industry specialists and agencies. This is for you.

With most of the graduate shows cancelled this year and uncertainty about when events of that size and nature will be able to go ahead, Shutter Hub have started thinking about what these shows mean for those involved, and what they’re missing by not having them. In many ways they echo the ethos of Shutter Hub exhibitions – group shows of work by many varied photographers, promoted to the photography world, attended by industry experts, other photographers’ networks and potential employers.

At Shutter Hub they are always trying to find ways to create opportunities for as many people as possible, so they came up with an idea that could have a positive impact for everyone, and not just for graduates…

Shutter Hub are asking for entries from anyone who could do with a bit of promotional boost, no matter your background or education. There’s no theme, but they encourage you to think of it like a graduate show – an opportunity to promote a ‘major project’. It can be an actual project or series, or the ‘project’ can be your portfolio. Keep in mind that due to the scale of this project Shutter Hub won’t be able to include full series’ of images from all entrants, but there will be a link from your name to your website or social media (you’ll decide), so viewers will be able to link through to see more of your work.

For more details please follow the direct link.