Meng Xiaohua

The Park is the largest park in Meng’s hometown. It is close to downtown yet brings the natural feelings within mountains. That is why local people love being there. There is great difference between these city parks and the National Parks in Ansel Adams’s photos. As a public space fit for citizens’ to enjoy both landscape aesthetics and the recreation, the park is an artificial landscape as well as an artificial space. Meanwhile, the park also provides the smells of wildness. Meng is  often obsessed by the plants in the park when staring at them. As a product of nature and artifact, the inner contradictions have always fascinated her.

In order to express her feelings about these places , Meng selected scenes with strong natural atmosphere to photograph, such as those desolate plant communities. At the same time, she deliberately chose cloudy days, using 4×5 black/white films to express ideas to do with melancholy, desertion and poetics, so as to depict the in-between state of nature and artifact.