Zhou Yang

Zhou is currently in Shanghai two major projects: Fading, a photo book about her grandma’s Alzheimer’s Disease, bridging her lost memory and the life with the disease; and How to Grow Old, portraits and quotes of average elderly citizens of Shanghai. Horrified by her witnessing of her grandparents’ aging, she tried to explore the experience of getting old, turning her fear into inspiration.

Cultural heritage is another field that she’s interested in now, and her on-going project Faerie explores the traditional Chinese gardens and shows them as fictional space and time where it is possible to escape mortality. As renowned scholar James Cahill argued in his book Garden Painting in Old China, time seems to work differently within and outside the gardens. A thousand years could have passed in the real world while merely a day in the gardens. Using large format camera, Zhou intends to encourage the viewers to look beyond the material world and seek this hidden Faerie.