Paris Photo 2019 Conversations: Fannie Escoulen, Delphine Bedel, Anna Fox and Anna-Alix Koffi

Which tools for the visibility of woman photographer on an European scale ?

November 9th

Discussion between Anna Fox (Photographer, Professor of Photography at UCA / Fast Forward: Women in Photography), Delphine Bedel (Artist, Éditor, Founder of Meta/Books, Amsterdam) and Anna-Alix Koffi (Founder of the magazine Woman paper and Something we africans got).
Willing to work for the equality of women and men photographers, from the beginning of the photography to the contemporary field, the program Fast Forward Women in Photography, initiated by Anna Fox and Karen Knorr, wants to create new networks and to raise new debates and studies on the narratives of women photographers internationally. Thanks to the support of international organisations, Fast Forward Women in Photography regularly organises conferences and workshops for a better knowledge of women photographers.

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