Past and Present of the Body: 16 Voices of Contemporary Photography

The Fuentes Angarita Collection (FAC) presents the group exhibition Past and Present of the Body: 16 Voices of Contemporary Photography. The show explores the diversity of readings and ideas about the body, taking into account the works of both prominent and emerging women photographers. Curator Pietro Daprano asserts “For some people, their body is a place of reconciliation and recognition of their identity and personality, while for others it is a mass that represents an absence of meaning or ideal form. From these premises arises Past and Present of the Body, an exhibition on contemporary photography that proposes a review of the body as a primordial and constructive dimension of cultures and social practices in order to identify the dense texture around its definitions, relationships, and valuation.”

The exhibition includes the participation of women who have explored the medium of photography and are members of FAC—Carlotta Boettcher, Miru Kim, and Nayari Castillo. Daprano also called upon the participation of women photographers and other voices linked to the horizon of the feminine, hybrid identities and sensations, and notions based on transition or fluidity. This selection of artists is made up of Claudia Toledo, Clotilde Petrosino, Desirée De Stefano, Elise Corten, Erika Larsen, Gabo Caruso, Karoliina Kase, Kristen Joy Emack, María José Juncos, Mirjana Vrbaški, Morganna Magee, Reme Campos, and Tania Bohórquez.

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