Maria Kapajeva

Co-Editor / Network Facilitator

Maria Kapajeva is Network Facilitator for the project ‘Fast Forward: Women in Photography’ and co-Editor of its online platform. Kapajeva leads social media of the project including Instagram @womeninphoto. She is a Fellow of HEA, teaches at UCA (Farnham).

Maria Kapajeva is an Estonian artist who is based in London Her multicultural background informs her practice of mining a diverse spectrum of cultural identity and gender issues within historical and contemporary contexts. She works with stories and histories that grow out of the collection of vernacular photography that she finds in archives, old family albums, on the internet or in flea markets. Kapajeva appropriates and deconstructs these images while looking for stories that have been forgotten or are about to disappear. Working with video, installation and object-based art she embeds found objects and images into unique pieces using various printing and stitching techniques.

In 2018 she won the Runner-Up Award at FOKUS Video Art Festival, Denmark and in 2016 she got a Gasworks & Triangle Network Fellowship to work at Kooshk Residency in Tehran. Her work was internationally exhibited including the most recent: Gallery of Photography Ireland (2020), Vilnius Gallery of Photography (2020), Latvian Museum of Photography (2019),  RIBOCA Biennial (Latvia, 2018), Kaunas Photography Gallery (Lithuania, 2018), Narva Art Residency (Estonia, 2017), WOAK Gallery (Poland, 2017), Detroit Oloman Gallery (USA, 2017). Her video works participated at Luminocity Festival (Canada, 2018), NexT Film Festival (Romania, 2017) and Berlin Feminist Film Week (2016). Maria’s first artist book ‘You can call him another man’ was shortlisted for Aperture Photobook Award in 2018.