PHMUSEUM: 12 Women Photographers to Watch in 2021 by Maria Kapajeva

Cecilia’ed © Indu Antony

“On the occasion of International Women’s Day we celebrate the importance of the female gaze highlighting the work of emerging female artists selected by Fast Forward’s Co-Founder Maria Kapajeva.

A long time has passed since that 28 of February 1909, when the first National Women Day was celebrated by the Socialist Party of America in the city of New York. It took several decades until feminist movements first, and the United Nations later adopted it in 1967 and 1977 respectively. Its importance has grown over years and generations and today International Women Day represents a moment to celebrate womanhood and remember relevant social reforms. For us, at PHmuseum the 8th of March is also on occasion to bring ahead the discussion about gender inequality in our industry and share with our community the work of female artists who are challenging the medium and offering their perspective on relevant issues. This year we got in touch with Maria Kapajeva the co-founder of Fast Forward – a research project concerned with women in photography based at University for the Creative Arts (UK) – who recommended us the work of these practitioners.”